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    Whether for individuality, safety or practicality, we have a wide variety of services tailored to your needs.

Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Automotive window tinting offers many benefits, from elegantly improving your vehicle aesthetically, to additional cost saving practicality and safety. Drive in the knowledge that your vehicle not only looks good, but is safer and better protected.
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Parking Sensors Reversing Cameras

Parking Sensors & Reversing Cameras

With vehicles growing in size and number, and parking spaces shrinking in size and availability, parking sensors and reversing cameras are an affordable solution to aid you in parking safely and comfortably.Learn More
Parrot Phone Kits, Hands Free, Bluetooth

Phone Kits

Studies show that driving while using a mobile phone greatly increase the chances of an accident occurring. In-car, hands-free phone kits keep you in control of the vehicle and ensure you don't fall foul of mobile phone driving laws. Communicate effectively whilst driving safely.Learn More
In Car Entertainment, I.C.E

In Car Entertainment

Enjoy the perfect soundtrack to your journey.

Make driving fun, and keep your children entertained and free from boredom, with a range of audio/video solutions designed to keep both you and them happy.

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Towbars, Witter


It's natural to assume that a 'towbar is just a towbar', but many factors dictate finding the one that fits your vehicle and your requirements perfectly.

Utilising only the highest quality Witter Towbars, getting the right balance of functionality, eye-pleasing aesthetics and a quality, professional fit is easier than you may think.Learn More

Heated Seats

Heated Seats

Whether you have a leather or cloth interior, heated seats can be installed in any manner of configurations.

Winter driving is more comfortable with heated seating that keeps you warm and helps regulate interior temperature, so you don't have to rely on turning up your vehicle's conventional climate control system.Learn More

Vehicle Trackers, Tracker Network

Vehicle Trackers

A vehicle tracking unit is the most effective way to protect your vehicle from thieves. Fitting a tracker can also reduce your insurance premiums.

Vehicle tracking units from TRACKER are the only systems supported nationwide by the UK Police Force.

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Road Safety Systems, Snooper Laser Elite

Road Safety Systems

Radar detectors are designed to help you drive in the confines of ever changing speed limits. They are not a licence to speed however.

Driving in constantly changing traffic conditions means that it is easy to drive into a restricted zone without noticing the change in speed limits. Advanced warning through legal radar detection could prevent you from driving dangerously.Learn More

Improve your Performance & Increase your Economy with ECU Remapping. Learn more...